Security for Windows and Doors

Door Lock Roto

Tough times call for tough locks. In the situation when crime is on the rise there is no sense looking for the half baked solutions. Fenestra windows equipped with security multipoint locks, integrated alarm system, monitoring systems and security glass will give you much better protection than anything else currently on the market.

Balcony DoorIn most of the break ins intruders gain access through windows and balcony doors. With Fenestra windows and doors you can sit down and relax. Thanks to the state of the art German technology, getting through Fenstra doors is easy only for the invited.

Worried about the glass. We have tested glass configuration on the shooting range just to make sure that our clients get the protection they deserve. Watch unedited video from the security glass testing. Our glass can protect you from shot gun and 9mm gun ammunition, and if you need more then that just let us know.