Low maintenance

Low Maintenance – Savings in the long run

Puntilla de Rosa SosuaPVC Windows are almost maintenance free. As the surface of the profiles is non porous and smooth it can be cleaned only with a soft cloth and a mild Ph neutral detergent. The profiles are made of UV stable PVC and will not change color or other physical characteristics. That’s why you don’t have to worry about harsh Dominican weather. You will never have to repaint your PVC windows. Very durable PVC profiles will not loose value for many years and your house won’t neither.

The hardware fittings are protected against corrosion with the latest technology and also tested in an independent institution. It is recommended to oil the hardware once a year with silicon or lithium based oil (grease). It should be also regularly cleaned with Ph neutral soap and a soft cloth.

Do not use any aggressive chemicals on the hardware as it may damage the surface.