About Us

Fenestra is a pioneer in the fabricating of double glazed PVC windows and doors in Dominican Republic.

Our dedication to quality made us choose reliable partners in the field of fenestration. To be able to deliver top quality windows and doors to our clients we decided to maintain control through complete process.

The choice of materials, all certified by ISO (International Standard Organization), as well as full control of the production process from start to finish make as proudly stand behind our product. Very few companies in Dominican Republic can offer three weeks delivery time and a 10 years warranty on it’s products.

PVC windows hold about 70% of the European fenestration market and not without reason. From the mid fifties  of the last century, when first PVC window was made in Germany, PVC window technology is in constant development. Today we have a product that is energy efficient, requires almost zero maintenance, does not rust, does not rot, and at the end of it’s useful life can be recycled.

We strongly believe that when you choose to install high quality double glazed windows you are not the only one who will benefit.

It is beneficial for the only planet that we have.